Log Manager

Log Manager

Log Manager collects and analyzes logs generated from various kinds of devices
and provides integrated monitoring and management functions. 

Various log management

Manage various logs in systems, databases, networks, security, operations, etc.

Provide effective analysis UI

It provides more than 16 types of charts and status views to support effective analysis of massive log information.

Log collection method by type

Provides various types of collection function to manage structured or unstructured logs.

Manager server configuration ease

Depending on the amount of logs collected, you can configure them in an integrated or distributed system.

Status board

User-Defined Real-time data Monitoring

Visualize information with over 16 different charts

Detailed monitoring of key indicators in drilldown form

Performance Management

Collect / analyze / store large-scale logs of various equipment in real time

Provides various types of collection function to manage structured or unstructured logs

– CSV, JSON file. JDBC Query, Command, UDP/TCP, HTTP, etc.

Real-time analysis of log patterns

Effective data analysis through a dedicated search engine

Depending on the amount of log collected, processing is configured in either integrated or parallel form (Scale – Out)

Event Management

Support various event monitoring methods such as threshold, string comparison, query search, etc.

Monitoring event types, time of occurrence, targets, etc.

Various event notification method

– SMS, Mail, Pop-Up, etc.

Operation Management

Create user accounts and set role privileges

Supports Real-time statistics and report

Search engine data management function

– API, Query

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