Service Delivery

Service Delivery is process for IT server level setup and management. It helps decision making on IT service level and capacity and availability for IT service quality improvement.

Service Level Management

Service catalog definition, service level index definition and monitoring

Service catalog creation and management

Main service level management index(SLA) definition

Data collection for index creation

Service level target and quality data comparison

Visible data display per individual and total service quality

Capacity Management

Capacity plan monitoring, change management transfer

Unification of capacity management

Change request form for capacity expansion and disuse

Transfer request form to change management

Capacity item and management monitoring

– Target item and goal setup management

– Status management with capacity data comparison

EMS connected performance/capacity information management

Availability Management

Availability plan and monitoring, change management transfer

Availability plan and improvement unification

Availability change form transfer to change management

EMS connected availability management

Availability target item management and monitoring

– Management item and target setup

– Current availability based status management

Daily/monthly service and infrastructure availability statistic, availability handling report

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