FDM (File Delivery Manager)

FDM is management system for file distribution and update. It provides automatic file distribution in 1:N mode and history management.

Compressed transfer and data integrity

For faster transfer speed, a file is compressed for distribution. Also, hash value comparison provides data integrity.

Distribution task notification

When request of distribution happens, it is notified to the PC of a person in charge.

File synchronization

Performance information at the time of event is saved and used for analysis.

Second based real time monitoring

File version is compared for the device on the distribution server at the configured time and automatically updated.

Performance Management

Job scheduling including file upload, urgent distribution, continued download, overwrite and others

Distribution guide notification to the PC of the person in charge before distribution

Real time distribution status list

Compressed file transfer and data integrity assurance

Event Management

Automatic text when distribution failed or event occurred.

Undone list and redistribution request at the time of distribution failure

File/folder based recovery when a file/folder is wrong.

Statistics Management

Distribution status chart (period/group/service)

Min/average/max value statistics for the distributed file

Create report including distribution status

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