VMS provides configuration, operation, event information for heterogeneous virtualization platforms. It helps manages host and guest resource application and operation.

Intuitive dashboard

Provides intuitive status information for Guest’s physical group -Host and the logical group –Service. Top-5 per Host/service performance helps understand resource usage status. Scatter chart provides intuitive operational status.

Performance comparison/analysis

Compares and analyzes multiple Guest servers’ resource progress and provides data for provisioning.

Performance MGMT

Host /Guest server’s resource status info

Host /Guest relation list and performance info

– Resource and performance monitoring for CPU, MEM, Disk, Network

– Guest OS list created on Host

Resource comparison/analysis progress graph among Guest servers(provisioning)

Resource comparison/analysis progress graph among Guest servers(provisioning

Detailed monitoring for Guest servers through intuitive view(SMS)

Event MGMT

Six level severity based event detection

Various event notification channels and history management

– Text, E-Mail, Popup, Sound

First/second/third recipient setup for continued events

Configuration MGMT

Monitoring setup en block through default setup and template

Service grouping per guest, host grouping per host

Tab based easy to use menu


Intuitive monitoring view for Host / Guest based resource use status

Real time data display(5 sec)

Top-5 for physical/Service based CPU, Network use status

CPU / Memory usage based Scatter chart