System Management

Network Management

Application Performance Management

Service Management

Facility Management


TMS (Traffic Management System)

TMS provides line based use status and performance information by collecting/analyzing flow data from network devices in real time. Also, excessive traffic and harmful traffic is detected and notified for fast response.

Dynamic dedicated View

Dashboard with various dynamic charts and graphs provide intuitive monitoring of whole traffic status.

Efficient UI for traffic status analysis

A Top-N list helps detect a device with much traffic and trace an IP and service that caused the traffic.

Management and progress analysis of harmful traffic

Detects known harmful traffic pattern and provides information of traffic origin/object of the attack to take action quickly. Also progress analysis-based information helps allocate resources properly.

Performance Management

Dynamic UI for entire traffic status

Top-N list and details for IP/Application/Conversation/IP group/Interface/Protocol/Port/AS

Traffic status and progress information

– Time, analyzed devices, progress analysis

– Excel based performance report

Detect known abnormal traffic pattern

Attack origin for the period, metric for object of the attack

Event Management

Six level severity for event detection and history management

First/second/third recipient setup for notifying continued events

Configuration Management

Collected target management(router interface setup and IP range registration)

Application mapping

– Protocol and port setup for application registration/monitoring

AS information registration for local information monitoring

IP group-based monitoring rights setup

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