System Management

Network Management

Application Performance Management

Service Management

Facility Management



Syslog management collects syslog of the managed infrastructure in real time and provides statistics/analysis and notification based on severity and string rules.

Real time event management

Integrated logging for devices is provided in real time. Main events are notified through string filtering.

Statistics/analysis for checking out event reasons

Collected log statistics and analysis helps understand event pattern and reasons.

Performance Management

Syslog collection and history setup

Monitoring item selection and window setup

Checking out syslog (IP), facility, priority and message

Log search by time, target device/IP/message, facility/priority

Filter based logging and management

Event Management

String monitoring for OID, facility, priority

Monitoring of the same event for a specific time

E-mail, text, voice notification at the time of event happening and event history management

Event statistics and status information and handing status (recognition/Completion)

Batch monitoring setup/edit/delete

Configuration Management

Target device register/delete and group/share management

Changed log history list

Reception and filter policy based information collection

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