SMS is for integrated system monitoring of various servers’ configuration, performance and events. Device type-based monitoring and management is provided.

Manager superiority

A single Manager can handle around 1,000 servers with superior performance.

Intuitive and dynamic UI

Various figures and graphs are used to intuitively display main performance status of the server.

Snapshot at the moment of events

By saving performance information at the moment of event occurrence, event analysis is available.

Second level real-time monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring provides precise performance observation and accurate progress analysis.

Performance MGMT

Server OS based various performance item monitoring

– CPU, Memory, Disk, File system, I/O, Process, NIC In/Out

Performance item monitoring per MRTG type date/week/month/year graphs and data

Font setup of the device for severity threshold value setup

Performance pattern monitoring through performance progress check

Item based monitoring for main managed system using Top-N feature

Main process management

Various service port monitoring


Remote connection and control

Multiple servers comparison and analysis for designated performance item

Event MGMT

Event monitoring through event policy setup

Various notification methods and event handling history management

– text, E-Mail, Popup, Sound

Snapshot shot and process list for event analysis

Event status info by the event list

Monitoring of service port down or excessive process status

Automatic recovery by script setup at the time of event occurrence

Configuration MGMT

Integrated monitoring setup through default setup and template

Group/Agent management

Automatic/manual upgrade for OS based Agent

Configuration setup through Topology Map

OS based asset statistic, asset registration and change history management