RTMS is a management system for critical performance index, providing performance progress monitoring, dashboard, event management per 2 seconds.

Web based real time monitoring

Do not require exclusive client program on the PC for monitoring. Web based real time performance monitoring is provided.

Intensive management through dashboard

A single dashboard with various real time graphs for performance information provides intuitive monitoring.

Real time data accumulation

Two second level real time data can be accumulated to DB. With this, precise performance analysis for the device is possible for the past, now and future times.


Dashboard setup and monitoring (Maximum 9 graphs)

Single graph with various performance items and comparison

Graph, dashboard theme change, performance item highlight/hidding

Screen capture and data excel printing

Performance MGMT

Server’s main performance monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk)

Network interface performance monitoring (In/Out bps, pps)

Event MGMT

Six level severity based event detection and notification

Real time accumulated data for event time analysis

Configuration MGMT

Collected item tree per performance and device

Real time data accumulation and cycle setup