PABXM collects and manages IP exchange machine’s configuration, performance and event information. It provides integrated central management system for heterogeneous IP exchange machines.

IPT integrated management environment

It provides not only integration o heterogeneous IP exchange machines such as Avaya and Nortel but also management environment by building up EMS system including PABXM. Various infrastructure for IPT environment such as CTI, IVR, ARS server, PoE switch and IP-Phone can be managed.

Intuitive view by topology map

Topology map provides IPT device status en bloc

Performance MGMT

IP exchange machine call handling performance information

– Process, input/output call info

MRTG Type based performance progress and pattern analysis

Performance statistics analysis through analysis/report

Event MGMT

Availability management

– Up/Down status monitoring and event/ availability rate management

Threshold based performance-event linkage

– Individual monitoring setup per performance item

– Six severity level based event monitoring and immediate notification

History search for event handling

History search for event handling

Integrated monitoring of IP exchange machines by topology map

Cabinet information management

– Operation status, module version, layout/room, rack/floor, location information

System configuration management

– Board Number/type, code, suffix, assigned port, card status, operation status