System Management

Network Management

Application Performance Management

Service Management

Facility Management


NMS (Network Management System)

NMS is for integrated monitoring of various network devices’ configuration, performance and event. This point solution provides device based performance item monitoring and management feature.

Provides Port view for network devices

Easy to understand intuitive UI for network devices and Port Up/Down status information.

Root Cause feature

At the time of multiple network device event occurrence, it only sorts out the causative device for notification and management.

Remote script execution and control

Remote script operation for regular tasks such as device upgrade and password reset.

Performance Management

HTML5 based dynamic UI

– Port view(Up/Down), traffic flow, performance view

Performance traffic status monitoring per the device and interface

MRTG type daily/weekly/monthly/yearly chart and data per performance item

Device status, delay time, CPU, Memory, interface snd/rcv traffic monitoring

Information management such as Interface Up/Down, bps, pps, MaxSpeed, Duplex

Routing table information management

L4 Session(Real & Virtual) monitoring

Event Management

Six level severity based event detection and history management

Event time based 1st/2nd/3rd notification and recipient setup

Device down, CPU, Memory monitoring, interface down, snd/rcv traffic monitoring

Efficient event detection using Root Cause setup at the time of device down

Provide an event list and details

– IP, event name, date/time, duration time, status

Event handling history for Know-How sharing

Configuration Management

Topology Map for configuration management

Asset registration/management

– Mass registration, IP range check out for device registration

Private MIB registration for adding a device

Auto Discovery for registered/non-registered device history management

Unauthorized IP detection and use history management

Provide additional information for Cisco devices (IOS version, CDP, module info gathering)

Device based connected server info (Host name, IP, MAC)

Access history monitoring and Audit trail

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