System Management

Network Management

Application Performance Management

Service Management

Facility Management


IMS (Internet service Management System)

IMS estimates customers’ performance recognition status for the protocol based service such as HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, POP, IMAP, FTP, etc.

Intuitive service monitoring

Provide key performance monitoring for each service type. Also an hour-based severity with color is provided.

Summary view by service attributes

Provides performance information according to service characteristics utilizing various protocols. (response time, up/down speed)

Performance Management

Integrated performance view for service

Intuitive information for hourly status with color

Service based dynamic summary view

Top-N for availability, execution time

Event Management

Event monitoring with policy

Various event notification methods and event handling history management

– Text, E-mail, popup, sound

Entire event list and detailed information

Configuration Management

Connection information for the target service

Asset status information

Monitoring right setup for individual/group

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