System Management

Network Management

Application Performance Management

Service Management

Facility Management


FMS (Facility Management System)

FMS provides integrated management for performance and event of various facilities (thermo-hygrostat, UPS, fire extinguishing system, door).

Device-specific UI

Device-specific monitoring image for status monitoring.

OID DB based automatic registration

Automatic/manual device registration by MIB search and OID DB

Facility control

Provide facility control for handling events

Performance Management

Integrated sensor performance management for UPS, thermo-hygrostat, UPS,
fire extinguishing system, door

Performance based data and MRTG graph

Event Management

OID based monitoring setup

Facility down/no-response monitoring

Threshold based facility status and event monitoring

Event history management and statistics

Facility control for event handling

Configuration Management

Excel based facility registration en bloc

Target facility group and right management

DB based target facility auto-registration

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