System Management

Network Management

Application Performance Management

Service Management

Facility Management


DBMS (Database Management System)

DBMS provides management features for configuration, performance and event for DB. Various management information is provided per DBMS.

Various DBMS management support

Supports various DBMS such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL, MSSQL, Altibase, Tibero, Sybase, Sybase IQ, MongDB, Redis, Postgresql.

Summary View by DBMS Attributes

Provides performance status through the summary view by DBMS attribute.

Performance Management

HTML5 based dynamic UI

Session/Lock session detailed information, performance statistic, wait event monitoring

DB of performance data for objective system operation

Top SQL performance and SQL sentences, variables and query response time

Session monitoring

SQL monitoring

Buffer Cache Hit/Library Cache Hit monitoring

Event Management

Threshold based event detection

DB connection failure, service down, log monitoring, query monitoring, table space usage

Entire event list and details

Configuration Management

Default monitoring setup, template based monitoring setup

Management target group/share/agent management

DBMS based Agent upgrade

Topology Map management

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