EM (Event Manager)

Event Manager provides integrated event management for not only Zenius events but also 3rd party events built on the customer environment.

Integrated event management for various systems

EM provides consistent and integrated event management of Zenius and 3rd Party products including APM and ESM.

Event filtering

Event filtering provides important events managements out of all events.

Various notification settings

More than two events can be connected and configured for creating new events. Event status change and target event can be set.

Event integration

Integrated event for various point solutions (SMS, NMS, DBMS, FMS and etc.)

Event integration with 3rd party solutions (ESM, APM and etc)

– Supports File, DB, Syslog, Trap connection

Service map

Map configuration per event collection target and group

Analysis of relation between event target and service

Event filtering

String based filtering setup

Duplication prevention

– Duplication prevention

– Other conditions setup such as more, less, equal

Alert setup

Relationship definition

– Create new event or notify event relationship

Operation Management

User/Asset adding, deleting, group management

E-Mail, text notification setup

Asset/event status statistics

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