VMS provides configuration, operation, event information for heterogeneous virtualization platforms. It helps manages host and guest resource application and operation.

Integrated UI

Intuitive UI and Port Up/Down status info

Event detection and notification

Amon g multiple events from devices, only the source device of the event can be selected and managed.

Backup status MGMT

Backup target info

– File/DB, backup capacity, status, start/close times

Backup target server based Jobs, total backup capacity, file volume monitoring

Backup log management for data accumulation and search

Excel file creation

Event MGMT

Six level severity based event detection and history management

– Monitoring backup success/failure, no backup execution

Agent no response, server down monitoring

Automatic event detection and various event notifications

First/second/third recipient setup for continued events

Configuration MGMT

Backup log analysis and list management

Backup software type and information management

Group/sharing setup and management